Mine was not showroom clean

My first car was not showroom clean

A fun and reliable driving machine

A fun and reliable driving machine

As a man in the U.S.A., I am obligated to be into cars.  I’ve always preferred boring old sedans. It intrigues me that ‘kids these days’ aren’t driving so much.  In my opinion, that is a good thing. My first was a 1975 Ford Granada. I have never before or since experienced such a sheer mass of metal moving in unison.  It was like a tank.  Many years later I would get the first car that I really enjoyed owning, an 2004 Audi A6.  And so my love of German cars was born and grew. I finished piling on the miles and racked up a total of 280K.  I sold it September of 2018 to make way for the Tesla Model 3. As much as I don’t like having a car payment (first time in 10 years), I’ve never bought a new car before. Having this be my first new car is kind of like having my first house be a mansion on the beach.  I love everything about it. It’s the only car I know of that actually gains more features and functionality the longer you own it. As far as I’m concerned, electric vehicles are the way to to.


Enjoying my purchase